Patriot Viper LED series memory modules are designed with true performance in mind. Built and tested for the latest platforms, the Viper LED series not only provides the best performance and stability, but also adds some flare for the most demanding gaming PC environments.

The design concept of the LED series’ heatshield is to highlight Viper and its line of professional high speed gaming. This high quality aluminum heatshield also offers superior heat dissipation to ensure rock solid performance even when using the most taxing applications. 

Our Viper LED series offers the most competitive and aggressive specifications as it is the highest segment of Patriot OC DRAM product lines. The Viper LED series are available in either red or white LED color. 

vIPER led dram-red-ddr4

PART NUMBER          CAPACITY             FREQUENCY       CL          VOLTAGE      DOWNLOADS

PVLR416G300C5K              16GB (2x8GB) Kit                   3000MHz                15                   1.35V                    SKU SHEET

PVLR48G300C5K                  8GB (2x4GB) Kit                   3000MHz                15                   1.35V                    SKU SHEET         

PVLR416G266C5K              16GB (2x8GB) Kit                   2666MHz                15                     1.2V                    SKU SHEET

PVLR416G240C4K              16GB (2x8GB) Kit                   2400MHz                14                     1.2V                    SKU SHEET         

vIPER led dram-WHITE-ddr4

PART NUMBER          CAPACITY             FREQUENCY       CL          VOLTAGE      DOWNLOADS

PVLW416G360C6K              16GB (2x8GB) Kit                   3600MHz                16                   1.35V                    SKU SHEET

PVLW416G320C6K              16GB (2x8GB) Kit                   3200MHz                16                   1.35V                    SKU SHEET         

PVLW416G240C4K              16GB (2x8GB) Kit                   2400MHz                14                     1.2V                    SKU SHEET




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